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At South London Sash Windows, we repair, restore and preserve traditional wood windows. Whether you need replacements, overhauls or upgrades, you can rely on our expertise to get the job done. With over 25 years of experience helping customers and business, we are here to help you. Whether your windows have suffered significant decay or are just in need of a little TLC, we'll be able to restore your windows back to their former glory. If you would like us to take a look at your sash windows in London, get in touch to book your free no-obligation consultation.

sash windows in london

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We are based in Bromley and serve all of South London and Kent. If you are looking for professional repair and restoration for your sash windows in London, you can rely on us to get the job done.

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We have over 25 years of experience restoring, repairing and replacing sash windows in South London. You can be sure that whatever style of window you have and how serious the damage is, we'll have encountered something similar in the past, and we'll be able to find the right solution for you.



We are a small company with a handful of dedicated employees. As such, we have fewer overheads than many of the bigger companies. We can pass these savings over to you, and you'll find our prices to be very competitive as a result.                                    




We don't do any sales pitches. When we visit your property to survey the windows, and advise you what needs to be done, we'll give you a quote then let you decide for yourself. If you do choose to go ahead, the same person who visited you will complete the job. It is a personal service, and we are proud of that at South London Sash Windows.



If you require sash windows in London, get in touch with us today to see how we can help you.


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Our Sash window Services

Sash Window Repair and Restoration

Repair and restoration are the best way to maintain the original features of your sash windows. It is less expensive, less intrusive and you'll be able to keep the timber that your windows are constructed from.

Overhaul and Sash Window Draught-Proofing

If your wooden sash windows are still in reasonably good condition, you may just require a basic overhaul, with the addition of draught proofing. This will ensure that your windows have a long and healthy lifetime.

Sash Window Double Glazing Upgrade

We can fit double glazing into your existing sashes. Alternatively, we can produce double glazed replica sashes to fit seamlessly into your existing box sash window frames. This will improve insulation properties whilst also maintaining the character of your home.

Full Sash Window Replacement

We do our very best to repair and restore your existing box sash windows, but in some cases it is just not possible. If so, we can provide a like for like replacement of the entire frame and sashes.


When we have repaired or replaced your windows, they'll be primed and ready for a paint of coat. If you would like them finished, we also provide an expert painting service.

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If you require wooden sash window restoration or repair in South London, contact us via the enquiry form below.


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