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Sash Window Repairs Sash Window Double Glazing And Sash Window Restoration

Sash Window Repair And Restoration

Repair and restoration, as opposed to full replacement, is the best way to maintain the original features of your home for several reasons  

  • Even with the best made replica's, nothing is quite like retaining the original authentic window installations of your home. Also, it is often the case that the timber used to originally construct your window was generally of a better quality than that available today.
  • Replacement is often unwarranted. We are frequently able to offer perfectly satisfactory repairs to windows that the homeowner may see as beyond salvation!
  • Repair and restoration are a less expensive option than full replacement.
  • It is far less intrusive. Replacing a complete window regularly causes some amount of damage to existing internal mouldings, plasterwork, covings, panelling etc.

Our window restoration service includes replacing decayed or failing components such as stiles, sash bottom rails, sills etc. We also ensure that your sashes open and close smoothly, with new cords, fasteners, and a hidden, durable draught-proofing system which greatly improves energy efficiency, reduces noise pollution and diminishes the ingress of dirt and dust.

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Repair Examples

The majority of our work is conducted on period properties. The mission of South London Sash Windows is to retain the unique identity and characteristics of our architectural heritage contained within these properties  

This is achieved by either:

  • Expert repairs to existing sash windows and/or frames
  • New joinery to accurately replicate original features

Often a combination of both of these approaches is required. As you will see from the examples below, these are repairs that require significant attention from skilled craftsmen.


Sash Repairs

A curved sash with decayed bottom rail. Here the rot intrudes further into the rail than appearances suggest, as is often the case. A full replacement of this sash is an option, and for many of our competitors this would be the only choice available.

However, South London Sash Windows conducted an on-site repair by carefully removing the bottom rail followed by installation of an accurate replacement that will ensure the continued service of the original sash for years to come, and for a fraction of the cost of full replacement!

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Frame Repairs

Here we have a bay frame where the whole lower section, including the sills were decayed to the point where you could push your finger through it! South London Sash Windows managed to save   the frame with repairs that incorporated new hardwood sills, along with quality lower frame section repairs to seamlessly blend with the original frame. When painted, the repaired section is indistinguishable!

The alternative would have been a full replacement with far higher cost, not to mention a significantly more intrusive operation involving re-plastering, re-rendering, new ceiling coves and internal trims etc. 

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Frame Repairs

Complete replacement of these casement windows in WC1, would have been very expensive, and rather difficult with its central London location. South London Sash Windows completed extensive repairs using top quality materials to extend the life of the original window for many years to come! Whilst we were there, we upgraded the performance of the casement sashes by installing a permanent brush-pile draught-proofing system that is machined into the sashes. This significantly reduced draughts, rattles and noise.





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Overhaul and Sash Window Draught-Proofing

If the timber on your windows is in reasonably good condition, it may be that a basic overhaul with the addition of draught-proofing is all that is required. This is a very effective means of obtaining fully operable windows that will last for years to come, but you’ll also get the benefit of significantly improved insulation for as little as £195 per window! This work involves the following processes 

  • Removal of the sashes from the frame and carefully scraping excess paint from the frame and the sashes (multiple layers of old paint are one of the primary causes of sticking windows).
  • Replacement of failing or missing putty.
  • Full replacement of all sash cords with traditional waxed cotton cord (which contains a polyester core for additional strength).
  • Service of pulley wheels (replacing if necessary).
  • Machine grooves into sashes to enable fitment of brush pile draught-proofing.
  • Check that the weight of sash matches the counter-weights in the frame; and adjust if necessary.
  • Check or correct the fitment of sashes into the frame, enabling a smooth operation.
  • Fit new replica staff and parting beads. These will contain rebated brush pile draught proofing.
  • Fit a new period window faster.


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Sash Window Double Glazing Upgrade

Double glazing is the best way to improve the energy efficiency of your timber windows whilst maintaining their original features. This is achieved by replacing the single glazed sashes and fitting double glazed sash windows into the original timber box frame.

We manufacture double-glazed, fully draught-proofed sashes that are fitted into your existing frames, using top quality pine or hardwood, hand made to replicate your original sashes. These can be supplied primed or fully painted.




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1) Retro-fit double glazing to your existing sashes 

Provided your existing sashes are in fairly good condition, we can remove the existing single-pane glass and fit modern double-glazed glass panels into them. How? By removing the sashes and re-machining the rebate in, which the existing glass is fitted, to a suitable depth to facilitate the installation of a new double-glazed unit (which of course is thicker). The sash is then re-installed into the frame from which it came...

Whilst we’re there, we will install new cords and permanent hidden draught-proofing along with sash lifts and security restrictors. This is all done on-site, with no fuss and no waiting for the new windows to be made. What you get is the window you always had, but fully operable, draught-proofed and double glazed. And because you don’t need new sashes to be made, it’s the most economical option. It really is a win-win!

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2) New sashes in your existing frame 

It may be that lack of maintenance has rendered your existing sashes just a bit too tired to be re-configured for double-glazing. Or perhaps you want the peace of mind in knowing that your sashes, as well as the glass, is brand new. This is no problem for South London Sash Windows. Our company ethos is to retain the unique features of your original windows without compromise. How do we do this? Firstly, detailed measurements are taken. We then return with new made-to-measure sashes which are fitted to your existing frames. Unless you specify otherwise, our sashes are made using top quality sustainable hardwood with a factory spray finish. They are built to last, with no shortcuts...

We will install new cords and permanent hidden draught-proofing along with new fasteners, sash lifts and security restrictors. You’ll have modern, operable, double glazed, draught-proofed sashes without compromise on the look and feel of your original period windows! Take a close look at the two pictures below of a recently completed project. The first shows the property with its original windows. Not bad, but it is single glazed, and still prone to rattling in the wind. Now look at the second picture. Spot the difference? No? And that’s the point! The second picture has newly installed sashes with all the modern advantages, but without compromising the original look.

Another example. Unfortunately, this property in SE27 had suffered a DIY installation at some point in its past. The sashes had been removed and large sheets of glass placed in the frames, along with some louvre type openers that were woefully inadequate.  In the absence of old pictures of the property, we were able to ascertain the details of what the original windows may have looked like from similar neighbouring properties. Our new sashes, installed in the still existing original frames, returned the property to its former glory with the convenience of double glazing and draught proofing.

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3) Complete New window

This would be a new frame in addition to new sashes, in other words, new everything! Frankly, it’s rarely necessary with box sash windows, as most of the frame sits behind the brickwork, and what is exposed to the elements, i.e. the sill and outer cheeks are normally economically repaired/replaced without resorting to tearing out the entire frame! Paradoxically, many companies will advise precisely the opposite, encouraging “new everything” because it requires less skill/time/patience and cost more money! That said, there are of course situations where a whole new frame is the only option.

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While we repair and replace your windows, leaving them primed and ready for final finishing coat, we can also finish your windows with a high-quality paint job. This can include full frame & sash painting, inside and out.

Painting is a job that we can better conduct with the sashes already removed for the overhaul process, as this gives us greater access to those hard to reach areas.

If are looking for a quality restoration service for your sash windows in London, please get in touch to book your no obligation quotation.




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South London Sash Windows provide quality Sash Window replacements and repairs, get in touch with us to see how we can help you.